Kadhi silk

Kadhi silk

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To make Khadi, raw materials like cotton or silk are spun into threads on spinning wheels called charkhas. This spun yarn is then wound into reels and sent to weavers who in-turn weave this yarn into a piece of fabric. The weaving of the yarn results in the creation of air pockets, which help one stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

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Khadi silk is 50% cotton and 50% silk. This fabric is characterised by its sheen and luxurious appearance. It is more expensive than cotton Khadi it maintains its firm and crisp texture.

On the whole, Khadi is a versatile and light fabric which makes it comfortable to wear and carry. It also lasts long and is used to make a large variety of items, One important thing to note is that Khadi is generally woven using the only cotton. But the demand for different varieties has resulted in the use of other materials like silk and wool. Nonetheless, any silk or wool Khadi clothing will have some percentage of cotton in it.

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