• Extremely soft and skin-friendly, not to fade, shrink and fuzz. The softness of touch and lasting comfort. Superior insulation against cold weather. Traditional Kani silk wool stole is a woven work of art made of coloured threads to create the intricate flowing floral motives.
  •  Unique style, the perfect gift.
  • Made in India by traditional artisans of Kashmir.
  • Care for your scarf: These scarves are best cleaned dry or hand-washed in mild water and dried naturally.
Kani modal

Kani shawl is made from pashmina on a handloom. But instead of a shuttle used in regular pashmina shawls, Kani shawls use needles made from cane or wood. The distinguishable, Mughal patterns, usually of flowers and leaves, are woven into the fabric like a carpet, thread by thread, based on the coded pattern called 'Talim'. The talim guides the weaver in a number of warp threads to be covered in a particular coloured-weft.

Families who are in weaving Kani Shawls usually work patiently, working between 5 and 7 hours a day, in between attending to their household chores. Depending on the intricacy and complexity of the design being woven, an artisan can weave a maximum of one inch per day. Depending on the design, size and detailing, a Kani Shawl may take anything between 6 and 18 months to be completed.

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